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Archived Finance, Savings and Investment News


  • Worldwide Tax Havens

    Worldwide Tax Havens The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has agreed to meet the 35 countries it “named and shamed” as harmful tax havens at a summit in Bar...
  • World Wide Tax Haven

    World Wide Tax HavenCall the Task Force In the utopia that the Financial Action Task Force and the Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation would have us inhabit, such stories would never hit the headlines - people would be nicer to each othe...
  • US market Forecast

    US market ForecastThe year 2000 was a tough time for the technology sector. Could 2001 deal the sector a better hand? Michael Wilson takes a look at what’s in storeRelax, the panic’s over. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed it, so it must be true. ...
  • US Investment Opportunities

    US Investment OpportunitiesThere are two specific things that could still happen to spoil the party. The first is that if the US investment market should implode under the pressure from new worries, it would send every dollar investor scurrying ba...
  • US Contrarian Investing

    US Contrarian InvestingIn the third instalment of our monthly contrarian investing feature, we chart the progress of our portfolio and check out the ‘Dogs of the Dow’Things are starting to get interesting down on the contrarian patch. Our portfolio of...
  • US Bond Funds

    US Bond FundsPlease accept our apologies for banging on so long about America, but it now accounts for over half of the world’s total stock market wealth (compared with a third in 1992), and it’s also the biggest single influence on the bond markets.W...
  • Unregulated Offshore Funds

    Unregulated Offshore FundsBooming Seychelles seeks double-tax treaties. At a conference held in the Seychelles last month under the banner “The Future of Offshore Centres in the Cyber Age”, the government promised its support in developing the islands...
  • UK Tax Haven

    UK Tax Haven“In the steps they have taken to deter and detect money laundering, the authorities have demonstrated the political will to ensure that their offshore financial institutions and the associated professionals maximise their defences against cr...
  • UK Property Letting Agents

    UK Property Letting AgentsReputable agents’ terms and conditions will set out basic and additional charges as far as is possible, but it’s always worth discussing how the agent views things like insurance claims and burst pipes. Otherwise, fairly comm...
  • UK Property Investment Opportunities

    UK Property Investment OpportunitiesFirst Property Investment (FPI) enables individual investors to buy generally brand new properties in attractive parts of London (currently including Maida Vale, Wimbledon and Battersea). As a buyer you pay 25 per cent ...
  • UK Offshore Trusts

    UK Offshore TrustsOffshore trusts may be used to protect personal and commercial confidentiality. The protective element can be crucial for an expatriate living in a jurisdiction where the appearance of affluence could have adverse consequences. In extrem...
  • UK Offshore Fund Managers

    UK Offshore Fund ManagersGoldilocks Gordon – that’s UK chancellor Gordon Brown to you and me – has signalled to the Bank of England that he does not disapprove of further interest rate rises. However, he has warned about pay pressures in the economy...
  • UK Offshore Banking

    UK Offshore BankingDeposit-takersIn a trend which continues year on year, Jersey’s banking sector has grown once again, according to figures released by the JFSC.Although Jersey’s bank deposits declined from £109 billion to £107.4 billion between Ju...
  • UK Offshore Bank Accounts

    UK Offshore Bank AccountsOver 1999 Clare O’Neill at Northern Rock (Guernsey) has seen the top performers adopting several strategies to keep customers on board. She says: “In the last two months there has been particular interest in tracker accounts. ...
  • UK Offshore Bank Account

    UK Offshore Bank AccountBritish customers of Abbey National Offshore who want to buy a property in either Spain or Portugal will find the transaction easier from now on.The company has launched Iberian Mortgage Service, which is designed to make the whole...
  • Timeshare Investment Opportunities

    Timeshare Investment OpportunitiesTimeshare seems like a bad idea for many when it comes to arranging a holiday destination. Francis Higney reports how one company is promoting the concept as an investment vehicleThe mere mention of the word ‘timeshare...
  • Technology Share Funds

    Technology Share FundsWhere do you go to buy and sell your high-technology shares? It’s an interesting question, because the right answer will often take you right outside the conventional orbit of what we think of as a stock exchange. Traditional stock...
  • Technology Investment Funds

    Technology Investment FundsFleming takes the Euro-tech routeFund managers Fleming has continued on the technology trail with the addition of a European Technology sub-fund to its Luxembourg umbrella, Flagship. Fleming says it’s the first fund to special...
  • Tech Investment Funds

    Tech Investment FundsThe resurgence in some technology stocks recently has many investors thinking of revisiting the sector or jumping on board for the first time. Michael Wilson reviews the stocks’ tempestuous history and finds that investors still nee...
  • Tax Planning Offshore Trusts

    Tax Planning Offshore TrustsTrusts are a useful tax and inheritance planning vehicle which have come in for a rocky ride of late. Following attacks by the UK on the offshore trust tax situation, Jersey is waiting on confirmation of how the trust market pr...

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